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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pictures of the yard

One of my many challenges is night photography. I suck at it. Normally that would not be an issue; however, since my yard looks the coolest at night with the lights and the smoke, it does tend to cause me issues with sharing what my yard looks like. But here are a few that I think are ok....

I wish they were better but they give you an idea of the yard at night...
Happy Haunting!!!!


  1. Looks so great guys! Some tips for night shooting is to use a blue/and or yellow shop light on an extension cord. Carry it around with you when you are doing your shots and it will give you spookier shots with enough light to still help the camera capture the details. Try angling the light from all angles for creepy shadows. Keep up the great haunting!

  2. The Mitchell's will be decorating this weekend and I hope to be doing some night shooting on Saturday. If you guys want to come by and see some new book 3 projects and get some night shooting tips come on by! We have scaled back this year, but there will still be some photo worthy points! 6701 Penton Street