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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Completed: Gavin's Crypt

Yesterday, being Saturday, was finish Gavin's crypt day. In all honesty, it is 70% his, 30% mine. (Especially, since he ditched me yesterday to play with a So here it is:
I think we did a good job on it. I am pleased with it so far. He ditched me after we got the top built, so I had to paint it. I did the opposite of what we did to the sides... I sprayed the entire top with a base coat of white and I let it dry. Then instead of using a roller I sprayed the entire top with a coat of black and used the hose on mist to "wash away" the paint. Here I am washing it away:
Here is what it looked like after I washed the black away:

I think I like this effect better than when I base coated black and washed the white away. And yes, the name on the crypt is one of my wife's great grand-mother:

And here is the finished top:

I added some moss to it (hoping it made it look "spookier and older"). The next few shots are of me putting it in the yard. I modified the "plan" for the crypt by putting pvc tubes on the inside to hold the rebar so the crypt is more secure.

Inside the crypt I added a green spot light facing inward and a fog machine (also facing inward). At night the green light shines through the cracks and "holes" that are in the crypt. It looks really creepy. Our camera takes really crappy night pictures so I am working on getting a good shot to post.
So the inspiration for this is from the Mitchell's new book "How to Haunt your House Book 2" page 20. I suggest you guys go and grab you a copy ASAP (so you can make cool stuff too!!!!)
More to come......Happy Haunting!!!!!


  1. !!! I am so completely in awe at the finished product! Gav did an amazing job (with Dad's help, of course :))! Love all the detail of the cross, etchings/wording and cracks - I would never in a million years suspect it was constructed of something other than stone... and the weathered/aged look came out fantastic (the moss is a cool as hell finishing touch!)! I can't wait to see pics showing the effect of the green light and fog machine. Bill, My Dear, you should be immensely proud of having such a talented son! Clearly, he has a haunting career ahead of him!

  2. Absolutely AMAZING!!!! Love Love Love the crypt!!

  3. It was so amazing watching this all come together. I also love that you put my Nona's name on it!