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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another ghost picture

taken from Ft. Barrancas. Some of you may remember that back in August, Gavin took a picture while walking around Ft. Barrancas and it had what appears to be a person standing down a hallway. (For that post go here.) Well last Saturday we took Jen's mom and brother out to the fort. While we were there walking around Jen kept saying that she felt like we were being followed and watched. (We were actually the only people at the fort because they were getting ready to lock up for the day.) She was taking pictures (like she always does) and she spun around real quick and took a shot from the way we were coming. (In fact if you compare the picture from august to this one it is the same corrider.) A few days later she was going through the pictures and she saw something. Note: the only thing she did to these pictures was adjust the lighting and contrast. (She also zoomed in a bit on one)....
In this one she saw someting down the corrider. If you look at the upper right of the corrider you see some "discoloration" in the picture.
In this one she adjusted the contrast and the lighting. If you look closely it appears to be a face of some kind.

This is the picture zoomed in. I have no doubt that that is a face looking back at us. We've taken the picture and zoomed in even more and it appears to be wearing a robe or a dress. We have briefly mentioned the original picture to the park rangers there and they told us that many people "feel" that there is something in that part of the fort, specifically in that corrider. I'll let you decide if you think that is a spirit looking back... I know that's exactly what I think it is.
Tonight we're taking a candle lit tour of the fort. It is the anniversary of the Fort joining the civil war. Maybe we'll see this spirit again....
Happy Haunting!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

DVD Review - Make Your Own Scratch Built Corpse by Christian Hanson

I got this DVD right before Halloween. Corpse making has been something I have wanted to try, but I have never really had the time to do it.
I was browsing on the Halloween Forum and I came across this post. I then went to The Monster Closet and saw that the DVD was only $14.95 plus shipping (for a total of $19.90) I thought "well, for under $20 even if it sucks I can take the risk." I am so glad I did.
Here is Christian Hanson's bio (taken from his website):

Christian Hanson has had an interest in makeup effects since childhood, and became a serious student of the craft in the late '90s. He is the creator, designer and administrator of The Monster Lab, a popular online forum for FX artists (no longer online). He is currently working in the art/fabrication department of museum outfitter and design firm, sculpting animals and creating realistic environmental and educational displays. Over 2007, he invented a new process for creating corpse props and teamed up with filmmaker Sam Thompson to produce "Make Your Own Scratch Built Corpse" DVD. Make sure to check the "News" section for current work and updates. With each project, he aspires to the highest quality of realism, design and craftsmanship. Christian lives in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The DVD is of professional quality. It appears to be an actual DVD not pressed from a home publisher. The film quality is excellant. I had a question after I ordered it and within hours my e-mail was answered. So a thumbs up on customer service. The techniques that are discussed are ones that I have not seen before (and believe me I have scoured the internet and forums looking) and they are very clearly described and demonstrated. The dialogue between the cast on the movie is a bit cheesy, but for the information you get from the DVD it is easily over looked.
Here is the preview video that they have:

Ok, so here's the bottom line: This DVD is awesome. Even if you don't plan on making a corpse from it, the information given can easily go into other projetcs. I believe this is one of the must haves for haunters and for the price you really can't go wrong. Go get you a copy while you can.
Happy Haunting!!!!