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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ghosts at Ft. Barrancas

So my 9 year old son, Gavin, has this desire to be like Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures. About a month ago we were on the Pensacola Naval Air Station walking around Ft. Barrancas (for info on Ft barrancas go here ) As we normally do we allowed Gavin to have the camera. He's already caught moving orbs at the Pensacola Lighthouse so we figured what the hell... well, we were walking around and we came to the beginning of a corrider. Gavin started his usual banter of calling the ghosts out ala Zak and he just started snapping pictures....
Well, if you look down the corrider, you can see the figure of a person. We've blown the picture up several times and you can actually see a facial expression. We believe it was a soldier but we're not sure. Anyway, I know this wasn't related to home haunting or Halloween, but I wanted to share this pic...
Happy Haunting!!!
~ Bill


  1. Very creepy pic!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Spooky! Great to have a ghost hunter in the family...

  3. When I was about 12 I saw a full body apparition at Ft. Barrancas. It was just after it opened after being all fixed up.