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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Family involvement

So the whole family gets involved with my halloween obsession. I guess they really have no choice, but I like to pretend that they actually like it as much as I do. Well, one of my girls, Vivianna (Vivi for short), has been working on her paper mache pumpkins. Instead of making it already "carved" with a face, she made it like a real pumpkin and I suppose as an after thought decided she would carve the face in it using a dremal tool....
So there she is... I'll post a finished pic later. She has really started to show her creative side. I suppose a normal adult might be a little disturbed with some of her "art" but I think it is cool... she used some old doll heads to make ....

Maybe she'll open her own e-bay store or something...whatever she does though I think we'll keep encouraging her creativity....
Happy Haunting!!!
~ Bill

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  1. These are seriously creepy cool!-- Etsy is a great idea. Have you seen the creepy dolls that are created over there?