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Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Set Review - The DC Prop Builder's Handbook Volumes 1&2 by Brent Ross

I know, I know.... I promised this review over a month ago. I got this set for Christmas last year. (We actually called it Scarymas we even had a haunted tree.) I believe I started "wishing" for this set of books around the same time that I wanted Steve Hickman's series. I found them doing a websearch after seeing the DC Cemetery on the series "Route 666.. America's Scariest Home Haunts". It was really one of the first home haunts that made me pause a moment and say, "Wow... I want to try that..."
So you can purchase this set at DC Props. The author is Brent Ross from Mountain View, California. There's a good bio/history at the DC Cemetery site, so I won't give it here.

The books are well put together. I haven't decided if they are a "home publishing" job, but if they are it's a good job. My biggest gripe with the books are the pictures. I wish they would have been in color and maybe a little larger in some cases so I could see them better. I like the contents of the books; however, I do feel that some of the projects are beyond my skill level. Volume 1 has a nice section on static props. In fact, my original Cemetery Gates project was based off of the project in Volume 1. The instructions for each project are very clear and concise. They are also easy to follow. In my opinion, the Animated propsare from basic to what I consider advanced. I'm not sure I will ever attempt to make most of them, but I do find myself seriously considering the pipe organ. Volume 2 has really great info on Pneumatics & Computer controls. Again, I think the projects in this volume is more advanced than I am able to tackle, but it definitely gives the reader all the info needed to begin their journey towards pneumatic prop building. (I'm just not sure if that's what I want to do yet.)
So I think this set is a must have set for the serious Home Haunter/Prop Builder. It is jam packed with information that is valuable for both the novice and the more advanced builder. Also, if you don't have the time to build the pneumatic lifters, erectors, movers, etc you can purchase them already built from DC Props website.

Happy Haunting ....

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