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Thursday, June 3, 2010

DVD Review - Bad Boys Scenic Design: Styrofoam Masons

Ok, I finally received it from the “How to” rental site. It was worth the wait in my opinion. I first ran across Bad Boys Scenic Design about a year and a half ago. I was on one of the haunt forums and there was a post about them so I googled them. And I was impressed with what they do.

I’ll start with the technical aspects of the video. It seemed put together well. If I had to guess, it looks like it is a “home-made” video that was created with a DVD creating software. The video quality is good to excellent, meaning that you can see the details of what they are trying to show. I would have liked the audio to have been recorded a little “hotter” because I had to turn the volume up a bit so I could hear it. (But that could be because I am constantly in a noisy environment and I could be losing some of my hearing.) My wife however, agreed that the narrator was a bit soft spoken; however, my 12 year old said she heard everything perfectly fine. The DVD has menu’s and all and if I would have purchased it (verses rented) I would have little complaints about the quality of the audio/video.

As far as the content, it is exactly what I needed and hoped for. I am a visual person so seeing these techniques being done was a huge help for me. Like with a lot of home haunt techniques, I had read about these techniques on several of the forums but seeing it in “action” solidified things for me and I feel I can confidently move forward with some projects involving Styrofoam. What my wife liked about the video was that it gave her enough of a base level of knowledge that she feels confident that she can expand the techniques with experimentation. I appreciated some of the safety warnings… and my wife and I both laughed when we were told to use a respirator when using acetone only to see the guy in the video not use one…

So bottom line, if you can get a hold of this video it is a must have for the beginner foam mason. It describes what I feel are essential basics for a beginner. I would love to see another video from them with some more advanced techniques…

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