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Saturday, May 29, 2010


With this weekend being Memorial Day and being forewarned that the beach is over crowded, we (the family and I) decided that a nice quiet weekend at home was in order. As I often do when I have free time, my mind wandered to Halloween and props and my home haunt. I have all of these ideas of what I want to do and how I want the haunt to look and I have come to a realization that I won't get there this year. So I am doing something that is out of character for me, I am planning things in stages; I am going to start over and build it the way I want without the short cuts I've used in the past. I have about 30 store bought tombstones, that to be honest were fine for me in the beginning, but now they are lacking. I have the cheap ground breakers that stores like K-mart And Wal-mart sell during the season. I have lots of lighting and fog machines. But the thing that I am lacking is the personal touches that I want the haunt to have.
Of course, I will finish the columns in the next two weeks... sooner if I can get the remaining materials. Then I think I will start with the tombstones. I want to get rid of all of my store bought and use ones that I make myself. (Or another option is to use the store bought as filler stones to accent my home built ones. and as my "inventory" grows slowly "retire" the store bought ones.)
I am currently waiting for a video to arrive. I found a site that rents "how to" vids and they had the Bad Boys Scenic Design title I was after. It has shipped and it should be here any day now. I still would rather purchase the dvd but it seems no one carries it. So I will have to settle for a rental and just take really good notes.
I have been looking at my favorite home haunt sites analyzing what it is about them that makes me like them so much. I've gotten plenty of ideas on things I want to do so now it's time to do it... wish me luck....


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  1. Oh, did you get the masonary finishes disk from Bad Boys? We have that disk and it is awesome. If you really want I copy, contact me and I will find out if Mike or Bert has one left to sell you.

    Good luck with your new project!