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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today was a good day

Here's a pic of my girls (l to r. Jen, Vivianna, & Katelyn) hard at work on their paper mache pumpkins ala Stalloween Pumpkins. This is their first attempt at making anything paper mache and I think they're doing a great job. Maybe by the weekend they will have them finished, but who knows. It may have to wait for Vivianna to get back from visiting her mom in Arizona, but I think they'll finish this set of pumpkins this week. Today has been a day of progress here at our house. Gavin and I finally started back up on the columns. We measured and cut two sides of foam board and glued them to the frame. (We would have done more but we ran out of foam friendly glue.) I took the opportunity to help teach him the concepts of how to read a ruler. Yeah, I know, he learned this at school, but this was way more fun. I asked him what his favorite part has been so far and he promptly replied, " The chalk's messy."
Tomorrow while we are out, we'll get more foam adhesive and get the other sides on this one. Maybe we'll even start on the trim. The plan for the column construction has been evolving as we go along. It started as the version in Brent Ross' The DC Prop Builder's Handbook Volume 1 and is now a hybrid of several versions. I'll get a review up about the The DC Prop Builder's Handbook set sometime this week. Anyhow, time to go read.
~ Bill

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  1. Great to see the family involved! Where are the final photos? Do we get to see?