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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where is the time going???? Only 174 days left

With the move to Pensacola in January, getting settled in my new position, and just life in general I am finding I am running out of time to build things for this year. Yes, it's true.... I still haven't finished my simple project of building the cemetery columns and gates yet. Hopefully I will at least finish the basic construction this week so Jen can have them for her part. My biggest hesitation in building a lot this year is I'm not sure if we will be in this house for more than a year. It was definitely not my first choice, but it is growing on me. Plus I am not sure how the city will take me fogging up a section of a main road since we are the corner lot that shares the
Anyway, my goal is to finish the columns and gates ....and then do at least 3 more projects... I think that is doable... maybe the oil spill will ruin my summer plans and I'll simply stay home every weekend and work on that case I may get more done.. (see... despite what my wife says I can look for the positive...)
I have a few more books to review this week.... the DC Prop Handbooks, Steve Hickman's Home Haunter's Prop Building series (books and DVD's), and Di Stefano Production's How to Build A Corpse. I have added to my wish list Bad Boys Scenic Design: Styrofoam Masons...I am a little hesitant to order from the supplier that carries it as I've heard some poor reviews of them ...but it's only around $25 and I might be willing to risk it..
Well, I guess that's all for now.........

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