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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Review - How to Haunt your House by Shawn & Lynne Mitchell

I received this book for Christmas and I've decided it's time to give it a review. (Even though no one reads my blog.)
The authors Shawn & Lynne Mitchell the creators of "The Mitchell Cemetery" in Pensacola, Fl. They were a feature haunt on's 2007 series "Route 666.. America's Scariest Home Haunts" and were a finalist for the Haunt X Awards Best Yard Haunt 2007.
The book is very well put together. It has great pictures and clear cut easy to follow instructions. For me, more than anything, it provided several ideas on how to take my yard haunt to the next level. I recommend this book to anyone that is serious about their yard haunt or halloween party.


  1. Hey--I'll comment--as one of the co-authors of this book. See, someone does read your blog! Thanks for writing a review on our book! It's always great to hear from fellow home haunters--but even better is to find out they are in our hometown!

  2. Great review of a great book. The Mitchells are an inspiration to all us haunters!! BTW - they got the "Propmaster" Award in the Home Haunters DVD awards for this book as an outstanding contribution to the haunt community. Could not happen to nicer people.