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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So with only 33 days …

Until Halloween, I have started another prop. Well, actually I started it this past weekend. One of the things I've always liked that other home haunts have (or have variations of) is the Monster Mud reapers. Before I had discovered the haunts that have became my inspiration and idols (of sorts) I had seen a picture of something called "the Watchman". It was a hooded figure holding a lantern much in the style of the Pleurant (Weeper) statues. (For a great blog post on these go to this post. I just recently started following Midnight in the Garden of Evil's blog, and I think all of you should as well J ) I believe I first saw it around 2007 or 2008. In fact I saved the pictures to my computer and told Jen that one day I would build one of my own. So finally I did …
First, I apologize for the poor quality of the picture. (I am the first to admit that I suck at taking pictures.) I haven't completely finished him yet. I still need to slap another coat of Monster mud on him, then do some painting/highlighting, and accessorize him.
Here's some of the build pictures …
The frame was made from PVC and "chicken-wire".
This is with the main body covered and MM'd. I tried to stay out of the picture but Kate decided to force me to be in it…lol
Here I am fitting the hood before MM-ing it.

And here it is at night....
So this is my project for this week. I hope to have him completely finished by Thursday; Friday by the latest. Weather permitting I also plan on setting up the yard this week. After this I am hoping to make a "breathing grave" and maybe a FCG (Flying Crank Ghost). I purchased a few motors so those projects will hopefully not take long.
Well, back to workJ
Happy Haunting!!!!

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