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Monday, September 6, 2010

Update: First Tombstone Completed!!

So I finished my William Compton tombstone. Here are my pics:
This is the stone with only two coats of Monster Mud. (I know I said I wasn't gonna do it...But I did.)

This is the stone with the final painting complete. This was my very first time ever "tea staining" and "dry brushing".

And here it is at night with some mood lighting and a few prop candles. I think the only thing that I want to add is some moss, and possibly some stains from rain. So tomorrow I should finish my tombstone for Annie... I'll post pics when I have it finished....
Until then Happy Haunting!!!!
~ Bill


  1. *Stunned* AWESOME!!!! Hot damn, it turned out fantastic! The lettering, dates and details stand out wonderfully against an "aged" background! Love the night/mood lighting effect as well... I'm looking quite forward to the end result of your other projects. You've got serious talent, Sir. Keep it up!

  2. Love the head stones! You kick serious ass!