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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Annie Voorhies Tombstone Finished.....

I think... Well, at least for now it is... So to recap, this stone is for Annie in Colorado Springs...(my wife says she is as close to a sister in law as I will ever have.) And what better way to show someone that you love 'em then make a tombstone...hehehe... So with what like 47 days left until Halloween here it is....
Here it is with the Monster Mud Coat and I did the initial background painting on the design and the lettering. I actually have to give my wife (Jen) credit for doing the Monster Mud coat while I was at work today. I apologize for the blurriness... I suck at taking pictures.
Here is the first layer of paint. I used a watered down dark grey. There was no method to what I did. I just haphazardly painted away. i left some of the lighter grey showing... I figured that later on in the finishing process it would add another layer of color/dimension.

In this one, I've already dry brushed with a very light grey. I am highlighting the raised letteringon the name... if you get really close to it the letters look carved in granite.

Here is the finished stone. I am hoping that the stone looks weathered and is showing "years" of being out in the rain.. I may add some moss or lichen later on, but I think for now I will go ahead and say voila... it's complete.
I decided that it would be really bad karma if I used her actual birth year so I did it a hundred years earlier. If you notice there's no death date... again I would hate to jinx her... I hope you like it Annie...

Until next time.....
Happy Haunting!!!!


  1. ANNIE LOVES IT!!!!! (This is Annie talking in 3rd person :D ) Bill, I am seriously so impressed at the final piece! So cool to see the stages of progress... Absolutely remarkable how real and "weathered" it looks - and the claw marks are a personal favorite! I adore you and Jen and it really is an honor to be featured as a part of your home haunt!
    P.S. Thanks for not jinxing me ;)

  2. I am so happy that you like it!!! I'll ship it to ya after halloween:)

  3. AMAZING! You guys truly need to open a custom store I swear to god!