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Sunday, March 7, 2010

First ever prop project

 So for my first prop project I decided to do something simple. I am making cemetary columns. So armed with my new power tools, I started the construction of the frames. I am using several sources for my inspiration. For Christmas, my wife and kids got me a few prop building books. I received both volumes of the DC Prop Builder's Handbooks. In Volume 1, it has the instructions for the columns. Well, I am slightly modifying the prop. They are 8 ft tall, which is actually rather tall...taller than one might think. The frames are made from 2x4's (which makes the prop a bit "heavy") so instead of using sheets of plywood for the sides I've decided to use foam board. I think that this will help make this prop less heavy, but the downside is it won't be as durable as it would be if it was plywood. But seeing as these aren't being made to last years of being outside (since I will only be displaying them about 2 months a year) this should suffice. To the left is a pic of the frame with Gavin standing in the middle of it. He is helping me build it. This project would take most about 1 weekend to complete. However, my ADD and the job are making this my March project... once I get the sides on then I will Monster Mud them and give them to Jen to paint and detail.

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